Catholic Schools

Catholic schools comprise the largest and most affordable private school system in Maryland, have proven economic and societal impact, and help spread the Gospel to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The Knott Foundation targets two areas -- leadership development and student support services -- seeking to create stronger Catholic schools, supported leadership, and happy and healthy young people

Leadership is critical to improving instruction and raising student achievement in schools. “The number one reason for teachers’ decisions about whether to stay in a school is the quality of administrative support.” (Wallace Foundation). Modern leadership expectations go beyond financial management and the educational environment. Leadership development is essential for strengthening skills, creating peer connections, and building a pipeline of future leaders.

Students need both academic and emotional support to succeed in school and life. Resources like counseling, tutoring, or summer programming are frequently overlooked amidst the vast array of competing priorities in a school’s budget. Schools with the highest needs are often the most under-resourced in this area.