Strategic Initiatives

Following a multi-year process of research, in-depth conversations among our trustees, grant and external community partners, we are excited to unveil our Strategic Grant Initiative. Focused on three critical areas: Youth Empowerment, Catholic Schools, and Workforce Development, the initiative represents an evolution in our approach to philanthropy while remaining steadfast to our core mission of strengthening community.

Operating concurrently with our General Fund grant process, our strategic grants are distinctive in that they are multi-year in structure and by invitation only, with each strategic area having distinct areas of focus and related goals.

Collaboration at its Core

Beyond these areas, our overarching mission is to foster collaboration and learning through community engagement and tapping into the expertise of our grantee partners.

Embracing Change with Care

As we evolve, we're mindful of the communities we serve and aware of the potential for missteps and frustrations. Feedback is therefore an essential part of this process as is transparency. We are looking forward to creating opportunities for deeper conversations and connections and to use these opportunities to shape our approach for sustained impact.

Join Our Journey

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