Moving Up

Kathleen McCarthy promoted to Program Director


An exciting and very important change to the Executive Team has occurred. Here is why and how we chose this path.

The Knott Foundation is unique in that our volunteer board members (all 33 of whom are family) support the work of the Foundation by serving on multiple committees and conducting the majority of site visits with potential grantees.  Site visits provide a deep insight into the inner workings of non-profits seeking financial support. These visits also give the Foundation a bird’s eye view of the needs of communities we serve across Maryland.

A common thread from the grantees has been that the access to the Executive Team is paramount to providing a better understanding of what information is important to formulating their potential grant proposal. In my experience and that of a host of the Board, the most repeated comment is the value of one very special person the Executive Team. That individual is Kathleen McCarthy.

Kathleen joined the Foundation in a part time role in 2007 and went full time in 2008. Her insight and openness, along with a passion for helping grantees in a plethora of ways are essential to every aspect of our giving. Kathleen played a key role in implementing suggestions regarding policies and procedures. These adjustments have made us stronger and somewhat more flexible. Because of the above and a host of other reasons articulated by grantees (like kindness, empathy, strategic suggestions, and availability) Kathleen McCarthy has been promoted to Program Director. In this new role, her duties have increased dramatically along with her responsibilities and authority. The Knott Foundation is delighted that Kathleen has chosen to accept this promotion and is fortunate to have her continue on the Executive Team.

On a personal note, Kathleen is a joy to work with and I look forward to learning from her vast knowledge and experiences. Please join me in congratulating Kathleen.

By Martin G. Knott i