A Season of Gratitude and Thanks

An end of year message from Team Knott


Dear friends and grantee partners,

Preparation, Dedication, Joy, Unity, and Purpose – five words that convey the meaning behind the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. While seasonal in this context, they are unceasing words describing the work of you, our friends, and grantee partners.

Through your preparation, dedication, unity, and purpose, you have provided refuge, respite, and reassurance to those in need, strengthening the communities that our founders, Henry and Marion, cared so deeply about. By doing so with a joyful spirit, even in your most challenging times, you have exemplified Henry and Marion’s approach to their life’s work.

We are humbled by the example you have set for us, and we too strive to measure up to the meaning of those five words in our own work. In 2023, we were afforded the opportunity to endeavor to do so with a new team. Welcoming Kelley Kilduff, Executive Director, and Jessica Feldt, Grants and Database Administrator, in June of this year, we began to build capacity for deepening existing connections and building new ones.

As we look ahead to 2024, we do so with great anticipation and high aspirations. Anticipation over a new website to be launched in early 2024, our 2023 Annual Report in late February, and another Open House in the spring. Aspirations to become more intentional and streamlined grantmakers with a greater focus on collaborating and convening. We also look ahead with tremendous appreciation for you and boundless awe for the work you do.

With warm regards and profound gratitude,

Team Knott (Christina, Jessica, Kathleen and Kelley)