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    Helping_Elderly_Woman.jpgHealth Care

    Our founders raised a family during an era where good medical care was hard to come by.  Hospitals were just beginning to be built as pillars within communities and were not as accessible as they are today. Mr. and Mrs. Knott saw the potential that accessible, quality care had for strengthening the community, and they were also empathetic towards the strife that illness and death causes in a family.


    During his lifetime, Mr. Knott used his business acumen and builders experience to purchase and then donate land to Johns Hopkins for their west campus expansion, as well as to other institutions. He knew that having world class medical facilities would bring recognition and strength to the Baltimore community.


    Today the Foundation continues our founders’ commitment in health care by supporting compassionate care needs of families and their caregivers.  We concentrate on programs that provide curative, preventative, rehabilitative, and palliative care, as well as patient support services.  


    See a full list of recent grants awarded in Health Care.


    We invite you to learn about the outcomes of some of these grants by reading our grant spotlight stories in health care:


    • A Way to Refill Their Cup:  Pro Bono Counseling Project uses health care grant to connect caregivers to donated therapy services
    • Communication as a Link to Health and Happiness:  HASA uses health care grant to provide charitable care services to children and adults in Maryland
    • The Dentist Is In:  Mission of Mercy uses health care grant to launch new mobile dental clinic
    • A Healthy Connection:  Charm City Care Connection uses health care grant to help marginalized residents in Baltimore link to high-quality medical care and social services
    • For People Like Melvin:  Gilchrist Center Baltimore - Joseph Richey Hospice uses health care grant to provide compassionate, personalized care in Baltimore City
    • Special Delivery:  University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center uses health care grant to renovate and expand Mother Baby Unit
    • One Room at a Time:  Brook Lane Health Services uses health care grant to construct a new hospital wing for children
    • Caring for Nurses and Patients:  Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital uses health care grant to "grow their own" pediatric specialty nursing workforce
    • Patient-Centered and Volunteer-DrivenShepherd’s Clinic uses health care grant to serve those who need it most