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    Sister_Praying.jpgCatholic Activities

    The Catholic faith and the Catholic Church community were of central importance to our founders – it was their lives. Mr. and Mrs. Knott responded to the needs of the clergy both out of gratitude for the compassion their own family had received, and a desire to support the work of men and women of integrity whom they saw serving the needs of the broader community. They supported the development of clergy and lay leaders to strengthen the Catholic Church, the reputation of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic community.


    Our founders’ devotion to the Catholic faith and support of the Catholic Church has its roots in family history.  Mr. Knott’s grandmother died young, and his own mother and aunt were raised and schooled by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, where his grandfather was a groundskeeper. That act of kindness made a huge impression on Mr. Knott. He and Mrs. Knott felt indebted to repay their generosity. As such, they focused on supporting the Catholic Church in part because of what the Church had done for the family, and also because of the role that faith played in their lives.


    The Foundation honors this legacy by supporting organizations and programs that espouse the values and doctrines of the Catholic Church.  Through our focus on Catholic activities, we support churches, faith communities, religious orders, retreat houses and spiritual centers.  


    See a full list of recent grants awarded in Catholic Activities.


    We invite you to learn about the outcomes of some of these grants by reading our grant spotlight stories in Catholic activities:


    • Working for Justice and Peace:  Jesuit Volunteer Corps uses Catholic activities grant to support volunteers and partner agencies in Baltimore
    • A Community Pillar of Support: St. Veronica's Church uses Catholic activities grant to replace their roof
    • Baltimore's Catholic Woman of the World:  Oblate Sisters of Providence use Catholic activities grant to replace the roof on their Chapel and Sacred Heart Hall
    • A Place to Call Home:  St. Clare Parish uses Catholic activities grant to renovate convent for Baltimore area Catholic school teachers to live in a community of faith and friendship
    • Concrete Progress:  St. Bernardine Catholic Church in Baltimore City uses Catholic activities grant to launch capital campaign and renovate Church's entrance
    • Lost and FoundFellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) uses Catholic activities grant to help Towson University students find fulfillment through faith and friendship
    • The Grace of the ChargeSisters of Notre Dame de Namur use Catholic activities grant to care for aging sisters
    • A Roof for the MassesSaint Margaret Parish uses Catholic activities grant to replace aging roof
    • Walking With Mother Seton:  The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton uses Catholic activities grant to build a successful retreat program
    • A Different Kind of Retirement:  Ignatian Volunteer Corps uses Catholic activities grant to grow the number of volunteers in Baltimore 

    • A Faith Community at WorkCatholic Community at Relay uses Catholic activities grant to create a new entrance to their church