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    What We're Reading: Give Smart by Thomas J. Tierney and Joel L. Fleishman

    By Kelly Medinger


    An insightful read about giving and getting results

    Give_Smart.pngThe basic premise of Give Smart is that philanthropists making smarter decisions achieve better results.  And it is worth noting that achievement and results in the field of social impact come from a place of humility, not arrogance.  The authors are quick to point out, "Having money is not the same as having answers."  


    So, in the context of the complex world in which we live, how does one make "smarter decisions" that lead to these "better results"? 


    From my perspective, that question is one that we should ask of ourselves no matter our profession.  What is my definition of success?  Do I have what it takes to get the job done?  Am I getting better?  All of these questions are raised in Give Smart and are pertinent, I believe, in realms beyond philanthropy