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    The New World of Strategic Planning

    By Kelly Medinger


    Timeframes for strategy development are reframed for the 21st century

    In the world of strategic planning, it seems the term "long range" is being re-examined.  


    "With the accelerating rate of change, it's more important to be strategic in your planning than long range," shares nonprofit consultant Bill Hoffman.  He argues that the five or ten-year strategic plan model is outdated in today's fast-changing environment, and that nonprofits need to adapt their approach to strategic planning to fit this new paradigm. 


    Hoffman's article, "Entering the New World of Strategic Planning,"  suggests a two-year plan with a midterm review as a new standard.  He even proposes tying a strategic plan to a board chair's term, therefore giving that person more ownership of the process and implementation.  The article goes on to provide four steps for developing a great strategic plan:  (1) get input; (2) uncover themes; (3) agree on priorities; and (4) set measurable goals. 


    The importance of planning for the future will always be paramount.  But as the future takes new shape each and every day, we will continually be challenged to adapt and respond to the world around us.