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    Board Member Giving

    By Kelly Medinger


    A look at the financial contribution board members make across the nonprofit sector

    As a funder, we place a high level of importance on seeing 100% of board members contribute personally to a nonprofit.  


    Board members' involvement in fundraising plays a significant role in a nonprofit's fundraising success.  In a recent article entitled "Majority of Nonprofits Reached Fundraising Goals in 2011," the Chronicle of Philanthropy's Raymund Flandez reports how charities were able to increase their funding in 2011:  "Most nonprofits attributed their success to taking advantage of online fundraising tools, relying on diverse sources of money, and encouraging their board members to take their role as fundraisers more seriously."


    Part of being a serious fundraiser is committing personally to a cause.  Consequently, it is interesting to note that an April 2012 report published by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative found that:


    • 35% of nonprofits set a minimum figure for a required donation by board members.  The average amount required was $5,000.
    • Arts and culture groups were most likely to require a minimum gift (57% did so), whereas religious groups were the least likely to impose such a requirement. 
    • Education groups requested the highest gift amount from board members, while human service groups requested the lowest.


    For a visual snapshot of this data, click here.  And, for further reading on the importance of board members' personal giving, check out Bridgestar's rationale