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    Step One:  Letter of Inquiry

    Eligible organizations interested in requesting a grant from the Knott Foundation are required to complete a Letter of Inquiry and Financial Analysis Form using our online grants system.


    We accept submissions three (3) times per year in February, June and October.  All submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. EST on our published due date.

    How do I submit a Letter of Inquiry?

    Create an account

    To begin our online application, you will need to create an account in the Foundation’s online grants system. This is a one-time only step that includes a brief five-question quiz and an internal Foundation review. To create your account, please go to our Grants Portal and click on the “Create an account now” button. Once completed, users may access the Foundation’s grants portal at any time.


    Important: You will need a valid Tax ID # (EIN) to create an account. Catholic schools, churches and religious orders should use the IRS’s U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Group Ruling # where applicable.


    After your registration has been approved, which can take up to two business days, you will be emailed a system-generated username and password for use in accessing the Foundation’s Grants Portal Homepage and beginning a grant request.


    Complete the narrative and financial form

    From your Grants Portal Homepage, click on the Apply for Funding link followed by the Apply for Foundation Grant button.


    Answer all of the required questions as well as the Narrative Request section of the letter of inquiry. Download the financial analysis form and complete the required fields.


    We request that you complete the financial analysis form at the organization level using audited financials.  If your organization does not have audited financials, we ask that you use your internal operating budget and balance sheet as your guide.


    Important: There is no auto-save function in the grants portal. Please SAVE your work frequently. Click the Edit button to return to your work after you click Save.


    All Archdiocesan schools submitting a letter of inquiry should share their letter with the Division of Schools at least two weeks in advance of submission. Additionally, all Archdiocesan schools seeking technology-related support should contact Mr. Joe Oleszczuk, Director of IT/Education, at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the Foundation's published deadline for submission.


    Review and submit your letter of inquiry

    Once you have completed the required fields, uploaded your financial analysis form and are satisfied that your application is complete, click Submit


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the registration process take before I can begin a letter of inquiry?

    The registration process can take up to two business days. Therefore, we recommend that all new users register for an account at least one week prior to a letter of inquiry deadline.


    Can I begin the process and return to an application at a later time?

    Yes.  When you click Save, the system saves a copy of your work.  To return to your application, simply log back into the Grants Portal using your username and password. Once there, click on Pending Requests and Edit to continue working.


    Can I submit a financial form other than the one provided by the Knott Foundation?

    No.  We specifically require all applicants to complete and submit our financial anaylsis form.  Submissions using substitute forms will be considered incomplete.


    How do I know I have successfully submitted an application?

    Once your letter of inquiry and financial analysis form have been successfully submitted, the Requests section of your Grants Portal Homepage will update from Pending Requests to Submitted Requests. You will also receive a system-generated email notifying you that your request has been received and is under consideration.


    Can I submit more than one letter of inquiry for an organization?

    No.  We will review only one letter of inquiry per 501(c)(3) organization each grant cycle.


    What happens after I submit my letter of inquiry?

    Your letter of inquiry and financial analysis form will be reviewed by our screening committee.  You will receive word as to the status of your submission within three to four weeks of the published letter of inquiry deadline. You may also track the status of your request via the links in your Grants Portal Homepage.


    Organizations whose requests are advanced to the full grant proposal stage will receive a phone call inviting them to submit a full grant proposal, as well as an email with specific application instructions.


    Organizations whose requests are declined by the screening committee will receive an email informing them as to the committee's decision.  Organizations denied funding after submitting a letter of inquiry may reapply for funding during the subsequent grant cycle.


    What do I do if I have a question about your procecss or funding guidelines?

    If you have a question that is not answered above, please contact Jessica Feldt, our Grants & Database Administrator, at 410-235-7068 x130.