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    How to Apply for a Grant

    Our grant application process begins with a Letter of Inquiry.  All application deadlines are based on a 5:00 p.m. EST “received by” status on the published date.












    Grant amounts depend on many factors, such as a project/organization's total budget, alignment with our giving priorities, and the availability of grant funds.  We favor proposals that include other funders and that show how proposed activities will be continued after the grant is finished.  Our past awards page provides examples of organizations and projects that we have supported in the past.

    Our website offers examples of recent grants to illustrate what the Babcock Foundation is interested in supporting. - See more at: http://mrbf.org/program-description#sthash.l3pV6mp4.dpuf


    Knott Grantmaking Basics

    • Size and Duration of Award:  We generally award grants under $100,000 but remain open to opportunities for greater impact with larger sums.   The median grant is $45,000 and must be expensed within one (1) year of award.  Multi-year grants are seldom awarded.  If you are seeking funding for an amount less than $10,000, you may wish to consider applying for a Discretionary Grant.
    • Letters of Inquiry:  Are accepted three times a year (February, June and October) from organizations who meet the Foundation's eligibility guidelines.
    • Full Grant Proposals:  Are accepted on an invitation only basis.
    • Site Visits: Are required for all organizations asked to submit a full grant proposal.
    • Notification:  Final grant decisions are made approximately 10 weeks after our published full grant proposal deadline.  All applicants are notified by phone as to the final decision.
    • Reporting:  Interim interviews are conducted six (6) months after a grant is awarded.  Written post grant reports are due one (1) year after a grant is awarded.
    • Reapplying:  Organizations denied funding after submitting a full grant proposal are eligible to reapply after one (1) year. Funded organizations may reapply after two (2) years.  Organizations denied funding after submitting a letter of inquiry may reapply for funding during the subsequent grant cycle.


    Application Process

    Step One

    After ensuring that your request meets our eligibilty guidelines, applicants should submit a letter of inquiry and financial analysis form using our online grants system. Read more about submitting a letter of inquiry.


    Step Two

    We will notify applicants whose letters of inquiry are approved and ask them to submit a full grant proposal.