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    Henry and Marion Knott, our founders, believed that education was the key to success. They sought to support both students who were excelling academically and students who had limited access to opportunity. They believed that hard work combined with access to a quality education was the foundation from which all people could succeed in life.


    Mr. and Mrs. Knott prioritized Catholic education both because of their personal faith and because they valued both the character development it nurtured in students and the moral stability it provided to the community. And though they primarily supported Catholic education, their interests were not exclusive. They sought to support the greater Baltimore community by providing opportunity to motivated students in and outside the Catholic faith.


    When investing in education, the Knotts had high standards for schools and students alike. They supported schools that were producing leaders, and that were well-run institutions. Their expectation was that students, after benefitting from educational opportunity, would emerge as active citizens, ready to give back and become leaders in their communities.They truly believed that education was, is, and will always be the quickest path to leveling the playing field and upward mobility. 


    Today, the Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation continues our founders’ commitment to education by prioritizing Catholic education. We also support special needs schools, private colleges and universities, out-of-school-time programs, and other education-related activities that provide opportunity for students and produce lasting outcomes within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.


    See a full list of recent grants awarded in Education.


    We invite you to learn about the outcomes of some of these grants by reading our grant spotlight stories in education:


    • New School Illuminates Baltimore: Archdiocese of Baltimore uses education grant to build Mother Mary Lange Catholic School in Baltimore City
    • Towards a Better Life:  SBLC/Learning Works uses education grant to upgrade technology and expand their digital literacy agenda for adult learners
    • Exercise & Excellence:  Mother Seton Academy uses education grant to support their 25th anniversary building campaign
    • Nature's Classroom:  Baltimore Chesapeake Outward Bound School uses education grant to send students from two all-girls Catholic schools in Baltimore City on a character-building expedition
    • Structure and Fun:  Druid Heights Community Development Corporation uses education grant to support programs for youth in west Baltimore
    • Words of Hope:  Dyslexia Tutoring Program uses education grant to help low-income children learn to read
    • Full STEAM Ahead:  Notre Dame Prep uses education grant to construct a new center on campus dedicated to science, technology, engineering, art, and math
    • Seeds of Hope Bear Fruits of Success:  Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore uses education grant to inspire, empower, and nurture scholars to succeed in school and in life
    • Measuring Success in a SMART WaySt. Elizabeth School uses education grant to purchase SMART Boards

    • Welcome Home:  Sisters Academy of Baltimore uses education grant to support girls well beyond their years at the Academy