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    Congratulations Chae

    By Carol Hoffman, Kathleen McCarthy, and Kelly Medinger


    Celebrating the recent graduation of our intern from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

    Chae_Harris_4.jpgIn life, we often meet someone who demonstrates a special quality that you cannot really describe.  They exude an energy that you know will carry them far.  We at the Knott Foundation met one such individual when Mr. Chae Aaron Harris walked through our doors in 2010. 


    Chae came to us through Cristo Rey Jesuit High School’s Corporate Internship Program, a unique funding model whereby students contribute to the cost of their education through work partnerships with local employers. Through this program, Chae was a member of the Knott Foundation team for two years.


    Chae has long been interested in music, writing songs, and performing.  In addition to singing at his church, he has written many of his own lyrics and occasionally sang them to his “beats” in our office!  He recently performed in the play, “Lost Now Found,” at Victorious Ministries International and is working on a mixed-tape entitled, “Music Forever, Part 1.”


    It’s hard to believe that Chae graduated from high school this past weekend.  Yet it is exciting to watch him enter another stage of his life.  Chae applied to six colleges and was accepted to the Community College of Baltimore County.  He is still awaiting news from several other schools.   Wherever he lands, he plans to major in music.


    This summer, Chae will be working two jobs in order to help with college expenses. 


    While Chae gained worthwhile work experience during his time with us, we benefitted as well by seeing his tenacity, curiosity and talents grow.  We also saw first-hand how opening doors of opportunity for talented, faith-filled students like those at Cristo Rey helps to create a stronger, more vibrant community.


    We are so proud of Chae and all of the other Class of 2014 graduates who are starting their next journey, and we remain thankful for everyone who has helped them along the way.