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    By the Numbers

    By Kelly Medinger


    A snapshot of facts and figures about us, our giving, and the Knott family legacy

    Mr_and_Mrs_Knott.jpgOftentimes my favorite part of a publication is the “by the numbers” section.  (I can’t seem to resist a cleanly presented package of numbers that tells a bigger story!)  So, I thought it would be interesting and useful to present a few facts and figures about the Knott Foundation, our giving, and the family’s historic legacy.   


    About Us

    • $57 million in assets as of December 31, 2013
    • 30 Knott family members serve on our Board of Trustees
    • 3 full-time staff members work in our office
    • 83% of Trustees conducted a site visit in 2013
    • 15 years is the average tenure of our Trustees


    About Our Giving

    • Annually:
      • 3 grant cycles are held in February, June and October
      • Approximately 200 letters of inquiry are received
      • Approximately 50 grants totaling around $2 million are awarded
    • $40,000 was our median grant in 2013
    • $120,000 was our largest grant in 2013
    • Education is our largest program area


    About the Knott Family Legacy

    • 13 children were borne to Marion & Henry Knott
    • 257 people now make up the Knott family – direct descendants of Marion & Henry Knott, their spouses, and children
    • 3 generations of the Knott family serve on our Board of Trustees
    • More than $50 million in grants have gone to help communities in the Archdiocese of Baltimore since our founding in 1977


    As a premier Catholic family foundation in Maryland, we have the dual purpose to strengthen our community in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and promote family unity.  With this mission in mind, we look forward to expanding these numbers in the future and continuing to tell our story for many years to come.