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    June 2023 Grant Awards

    Jessica Feldt


    Announcing our most recent grant recipients in Catholic activities, education, health care, and human services

    We are pleased to announce that 12 organizations received over $780,000 in our June grant cycle.

    Catholic Activities

    • The Baltimore Basilica: $60,000 to support renovation of the Sexton Lodge into a Café of Hospitality to serve as a gathering place for parishioners and community members


    • Monsignor O’Dwyer Retreat House: $78,450 to support a replacement fire protection system for the retreat house in Sparks, which hosts over 7,000 people each year



    • Mount de Sales Academy: $150,00 to support needed porch repairs to the 1852 academic building on its historic Catonsville campus


    • Next One Up Foundation: $65,000 to support the Career Exposure and Workplace Development programs that help young men in the program find pathways to quality jobs


    • South Baltimore Learning Center: $50,000 to support technology upgrades for learners and staff to assist their programs for literacy, life skills training, and career preparation for adult learners

    Health Care

    • Pro Bono Counseling: $40,000 to support their work providing mental health care through the volunteer services of licensed mental health professionals

    Human Services


    • Itineris: $40,000 to support their efforts to formalize a Consulting Program to help train other organizations with their mission to empower adults on the autism spectrum


    • Maryland Therapeutic Riding: $50,000 to support the creation of a new Learning Lab to support participants of this Crownsville based organization that uses connection with horses to help individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges


    • Union Rescue Mission of Western Maryland: $45,000 to support their efforts to create a new facility in Cumberland to provide shelter, food service, and programming for those experiencing homelessness


    • Weekend Backpacks for Homeless Kids: $50,000 to support their ongoing efforts to provide bags of food to food-insecure Baltimore City youth to bridge the gap between school provided meals on weekdays