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    1. Trustees

      Trustees & Staff


      President Lindsay Gallagher
      Vice President David Porter
      Secretary Kelly Harris
      Treasurer Emmett Voelkel



      Dan Gallagher Peter McGill
      David Gallagher David Porter
      Lindsay Gallagher Joanna Porter
      Michael Gallagher Laurel Porter
      Emily Hanssen Martin Porter
      E.B. Harris John H. Riehl, IV
      Kelly Harris Margie Riehl
      Thomas Harris Michael Riehl
      Carlisle Hashim Brooke Rodgers
      Marion Hashim Michael Rodgers
      Erin Knott Patrick Rodgers
      Marion Knott Geralynn Smyth
      Martin Knott, Jr. John Smyth
      Martin G. Knott Jamie Stodd
      Owen Knott Emmett Voelkel
      Teresa Knott Ryan Voelkel
      Brian McDonald  
      Meghan McDonald  



      Carol Hoffman, Executive Manager


      Kathleen McCarthy, Grants and Information Technology Manager


      Kelly Medinger, Executive Director